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TK Agent Success Benefits

Team Kennedy® operates to maximize Individual & Team Success and provides the following Success Benefits and Tools to all Members at no additional charge to referral fee.

– FREE TK Website – Search Equipped for IDX, Lifestyle,, Spatial Match, LoopNet, Agent Branded w/ Lead Capture
– FREE Agent Page on TK Website, Agent Homesnap Pro+ URL, Market Maker Agent URL Page, Agent Listed Property URLs (4); All Agent Branded w/ Lead Capture
– FREE Lead Generation, Seller & Buyer – All You Can Handle
— FREE Instant Online Home Valuation TOOLS (3) w/ Agent Notification Lead Capture
– FREE Agent Electronic Mobile Business Card
– FREE United Moving Concierge
– FREE United Auto Marketing Program (5 Clients)
– FREE Short Sales & Foreclosure Resource (SFR®) Certification – Training, Certification; Membership
– FREE Internal Agent Training United Game Changer Series, TK Monthly & Commercial RE, Tri Corner SFR® Cert Training
– FREE External Agent Training Homesnap Pro+ Webinars, Market Maker Training Series, RPR Webinars
– FREE Open Pro Home Open House Sign-in/Tracking & Immediate Follow-up Software
– FREE TK Agent Magnetic Car Sign (2)
– FREE TK Agent Name Badge (1)
– FREE TK Golf Shirt (2)
– FREE External 3rd Party Professional URL SEO Oversight
– FREE TK Flyers – Unrestricted Usage – Just Listed, For Sale, Coming Soon, Open House, HQA® Program (LISTING TOOL)
– FREE Agent Focused 48-Hr Facebook Ad for Every Open House
– FREE Unlimited Usage TK Logo in All Media
– FREE List Report Marketing Program Every New Listing (LISTING TOOL)
– FREE TK BRAND ADVERTISING – Daily Social Media Shareables, Monthly Blog Articles
– FREE Major TK TEAM Holiday Advertising All Social Media – Video & Flyer
– FREE PRESS RELEASE (ASSOCIATED PRESS) New TK Members, New Programs Plus Pertinent Local Real Estate ‘Hot’ News
– FREE TK Facebook DC Metro Agent Forums Weekly Listing Notices / Posts (LISTING TOOL)
– FREE Distribution Agent Provided Articles/Other Material – All TK Channels
– FREE 3D Film Tour – All TK Listings – Licensed Unlimited Usage (LISTING TOOL)
– FREE TK Paid Certified Inspections All TK Listings for Your Client – Up Front HQA®
– FREE Water Quality Test (LISTING TOOL)
– FREE Termite Inspection (LISTING TOOL)
– FREE Roof Inspection (LISTING TOOL)
– FREE Unlimited Usage All TK TidBits® – ‘Short’ URL Links Multiple Real Estate Categories & Items
– FREE Unlimited Usage All TK Link Design Buttons and Developed Agent Branded Landing Pages

About generating business, TK believes that the best source of both Buyer and Seller Leads and Client satisfaction are well-managed, well-advertised Listings & Open Houses, either Virtual or Physical, and widespread Agent Presence in the Internet. This philosophy underlies all TK advertising and tool provided activities. Listings are supported by unique Team Kennedy Omni Plus® bundled Systems & Tools such as Home Quality Assurance (HQA®) through which Clients are provided 5% sales commission listings, Up-Front Inspections and other benefits to ensure Seller & Buyer Home Quality Assurance®. Open Houses are supported through Tools and Targeted Omni Plus® Marketing with widespread distribution both to the REALTOR® community and individual Home Buyer audience. Through simple application of Team Member’s Instant Home Valuation Tool, Sellers achieve online ‘snapshot’ assessment of their home’s value, which can be optioned for more detailed follow-up evaluation. Through application of Team Member’s ‘Search-Like-A-Pro’ key, Buyers establish user-friendly home search criteria against all available inventory andachieve individual homedata on a ‘neighborhood’ basis. This includes identification of schools, restaurant & shop population, as well as home-by-home Criteria Match Assessment. Buyers can request appointments, save Search Data, and easily modify Search Criteria throughout the mobile friendly search process. Team Kennedy® believes this application of List Report/ technology is an industry game changer for REALTORS®, Home Sellers and Home Buyers alike.

The purpose and target of TK Tools and Team Ads is to generate business for all Team Members. Electronic Business Cards, TK Tidbits®, Landing Pages, AP Press Releases and other TK provided Tools are all intended to increase Team Member internet presence & recognition. Team Members are expected to take advantage of free advertising tools at their disposal. Team Members are free to use any advertising developed by TK for the TK team. Members are free to change the names, contact info etc. to provide the Agent data, for use in the Agent’s Advertising media. This includes all forms of social media (primarily Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn), use of tools like RIPL, TK Landing Pages, TK Tidbits®, TK Electronic Buttons,etc., as well as maximizing internet presence via Blogs.TK weekly blogs can and should be distributed/redistributed by TK agents on their webpage and/or blog page. TK blogs, while distributed to the public, are not written only for the public but are targeted to attract Google, Bing and other service web crawlers to the agent’s web page. The process is targeted to make the agent’s internet presence widely known and showing up in internet searches, to the benefit of both the Team Member and the Client. Blogs are specifically targeted in format and content to maximize SEO. Agents’ blogs and ads may be reproduced directly from TK blogs, TK RIPL ads, TK Social Media Posts, etc.

We hope that you decide to take a deep dive and learn about us and perhaps there is a good fit for mutual success in the exciting field of real estate.