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Why Join The Team

Team Kennedy® works under the philosophy that each Team Member’s success, accompanied by achievement of their Client’s goals, drive the overall success of Team Kennedy® itself. Our programs are all targeted to that end. Enclosed are some highlights of Team Kennedy® membership. We hope you enjoy them. Team Membership is Flat Fee Based based upon a Flat Referral Fee paid at transaction closing.

TK Flat Fee Per Transaction:
$1,000 Fee up to $400,000 Home Sale Price
$2,000 Between $400,000 & $600,000 Home Sale Price
$3,000 Between $600,000 and ‘Infinity’ Home Sale Price
Only a single referral fee is charged even if you achieve both sides of the transaction.
Rentals – No Fee

TK Team Membership requires no monthly or pre-closing fees, no transaction fees, no system or tool usage fees, no license fees. Once a Member joins Team Kennedy, that Member’s Referral Fee rate is fixed for life and will never be increased regardless of any increases in operational costs.

Every Team Member is provided the following at no charge:

SFR® Certification Short Sales & Foreclosure (SFR®) Certification Training & Cert Every Member
Lead Generation Superb Lead Generator, Screening & Lead Appointment Setting by 3rd Party Staff
Agent Websites (3) Agent Websites Lead Capture
Property Websites (4) Property Websites Lead Capture
Search Engines (4) Dedicated Search Engines Lead Capture
Instant Online Home Valuation Software
Omni Plus® Marketing Program
Best-in-Class Tools
Best-in-Class Training
8 Point Listing Program
Commercial Agent Proficiency & Comprehensive Team Leader Support

TK Omni Plus® is a Team Kennedy Brand for its Bundled Systems, Services and Tools provided to Team Kennedy Members for their use and provision to their Client base. Details regarding Omni Plus® Systems, Services and Tools are provided in pages that follow. All Omni Plus® Systems, Services and Tools include URL Development & Associated SEO Oversight, Full Service Lead Generation and for each TK Member, Enhanced Search & IDX Search Engine Services, SFR® Training & Certification, Marketing, Real Estate Software, Hardware & Training, at no additional charge beyond Team Member Referral Fee. TK further commits to provide best efforts to achieve its Primary Organizational Goal of increasing Volume & Revenues for each Member of the Team and for the Team itself.

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